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The Project TV Appearance

AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy recommends Soul Films

Martin Wilson Directs Kevin Sheedy

During 2011, while making a television commercial for The Programmed Group, I had the pleasure of working with Martin Wilson of Soul Films. As Programmed sponsor the coaches at my AFL Club; Greater Western Sydney Giants, the commercial that was to be aired nationally, was very important to me and GWS. During my coaching career I have been involved in many such productions for various companies, and made by a variety of agencies, so I was delighted to work with such a professional person as Marty, who coped extraordinarily well to produce the commercial in a short time frame and working to a fast approaching deadline. The finished work was a credit to him, for his creative expertise and unique ability to direct me to get the exact message Programmed expected to pass on to their television audience and clients. Soul Films headed by Marty, is a polished operation and I have no hesitation in recommending his agency to any further client or talent.

Yours Sincerely Kevin Sheedy

Danny Green comments on Soul Films

“Being a relative newcomer to non-live tv, it’s quite a daunting task to ‘act’ out scenes for a bloke like myself. Marty has the unique ability to endear himself to the person in front of camera, enabling one to feel comfortable and honest. His patience rubs off, and when I saw the finished product, I was blown away by the quality. Marty’s work is exceptional, and very cool”.

Soul Films Survived September 11

Article The Australian 2003

Illness Puts Focus on Film

West Australian article 1998


Stranded Shortlisted by Screen Australia

Soul Film’s feature film project “Stranded” has been short listed by Screen Australia. Director Martin Wilson and Producer Angie Smith fly to Sydney for a meeting in early February.

Martin directs Danny Green

Martin Wilson directs Danny Green on Invisi-Gard tv Commercial.

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