Martin Wilson Directs Kevin SheedyDuring 2011, while making a television commercial for The Programmed Group, I had the pleasure of working with Martin Wilson of Soul Films. As Programmed sponsor the coaches at my AFL Club; Greater Western Sydney Giants, the commercial that was to be aired nationally, was very important to me and GWS. During my coaching career I have been involved in many such productions for various companies, and made by a variety of agencies, so I was delighted to work with such a professional person as Marty, who coped extraordinarily well to produce the commercial in a short time frame and working to a fast approaching deadline. The finished work was a credit to him, for his creative expertise and unique ability to direct me to get the exact message Programmed expected to pass on to their television audience and clients. Soul Films headed by Marty, is a polished operation and I have no hesitation in recommending his agency to any further client or talent.

— Kevin Sheedy AFL Legend

Danny Green and Martin Wilson

“Being a relative newcomer to non-live tv, it’s quite a daunting task to ‘act’ out scenes for a bloke like myself. Marty has the unique ability to endear himself to the person in front of camera, enabling one to feel comfortable and honest. His patience rubs off, and when I saw the finished product, I was blown away by the quality. Marty’s work is exceptional, and very cool.

— Danny Green 4 Times Boxing World Champion

Martin Wilson directs Danny Green on national Invisi-gard “Bred Tough” tv commercial.

“It’s not often that you come across someone who has such a handle on this technical medium, with such a voice and with something to say at such a young age. Martin has quite an eye, a great sense of genre, story structure, casting. He knows how to tell a story with a picture. He is really an exciting young film-maker”.

 — Actor Marcus Graham.

Martin Wilson Directs Marcus Graham on SBS/Showtime drama “Roll”.

I love working with Marty. You just know that your shoot is in good hands, from inception to finishing touches. He cares about his final product. He brings a brilliant sense of humour to every shoot, and that puts the talent at ease, not to mention the client. One of Australia’s premier directors, and easily Perth’s.

— Damon Pattinson. Creative Director, The White Room.

“Martin has a very filmic way of looking at what he does which is reflected in his treatments that he puts together and also what we end up getting on screen. And that’s everything from the way he treats the vision right down to casting. He has a passion for getting the right people and directs talent extremely well”.

— Brendon Guthrie. DDB Melbourne Senior Copywriter.

“Every single commercial Martin has directed for us has been executed with outstanding skill. His treatments have always embellished the script through his firm grasp of story telling. Almost all of the ideas Martin brings to the table not only work well, they are a significant improvement on the original script. It is at the shoot though that Martin truly excels as a film-maker. His natural ability to connect with actors is a pleasure to witness. In fact, we would have no hesitation in describing him as the one of finest talent directors we have ever worked with”.

— Adam Barker and Lori Canalini Co. Creative Directors, Gatecrasher Advertising.

“Producing great TV commercials is a constant battle against mediocrity. You need a director with an endless supply of passion, patience and enthusiasm, and for us, that’s what Martin brings to every job. He always gives 200%, which is refreshing, and he always goes out of his way to bring something extra to every script, the work speaks for itself”.

— Ron Samuel. Cooch Creative Director.

“Every time I work with Martin I become Rain Man. I just keep muttering over and over again, “That looks good Martin. That looks good Martin. Yeah. Yeah. That looks good Martin. Yeah. That looks good. Yeah.” It’s hard not to. Martin’s immense talent as a director is only matched by his dogged stubbornness to getting it right. Personally, I find that airplanes are death traps with meals. But if it means working with Soul Films again, I’m on the next flight down”.

— Andrew Reznik. Lowe Singapore Creative Director.

“I think Martin has an incredible sense of storytelling in a film sense. He really has a handle on what it takes to tell a story, in a very, very short period of time and he’s just got that way with talent that can make it work and bring out their best. He’s uncompromising when it comes to casting. Really, really thorough. I’ve never seen anyone cast like he does and when it counts on the day he can get great performances without being heavy handed, he knows all the subtleties”.

— Craig Buchanan. The Brand Agency Creative Director.